Shawnee Mental Health selected as one of the first health homes in Ohio

Shawnee has been designated as a Medicaid health home by the Ohio Department of Mental Health. A health home is composed of teams of professionals working together with the client and family to help people with mental illness achieve optimum health.

Studies show that people with mental illness have a shorter life and die on average approximately 25 years earlier than people without serious mental illness. Physical health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, are common for people with serious and persistent mental illness and are factors related to this early mortality. These conditions, often worsened by medications taken to treat mental illness, are preventable when care providers treat the whole person instead of a particular illness.

Designation as a health home will enable Shawnee Mental Health Center to move toward treating the whole person and not just address mental health only. Staff at Shawnee are excited about this opportunity to better serve the community and enhance the health of people in Adams, Lawrence and Scioto Counties.

For more information about health homes and Shawnee’s designation, please contact the county clinic director.

Adams County = George Staker 937-544-5581
Lawrence County = John Bowman 740-533-6280
Scioto County = Jim Haas 740-354-7702

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